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All shows start at 7:30 p.m.

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To reserve seats at any house concert, email: lees@resourceful.com or call 781 784 4408 and let me know how many people will be in your party.

"Come for the food, stay for the music!"

March 9th, 2014
Danielle Miraglia &

Loretta Hagen

Danielle Miraglia comes armed with a strong steady thumb on an old Gibson, an infectious stomp-box rhythm and harmonica. Her tunes range from heart-felt to socially conscious and will move both your heart and hips.

Singer/Song writer Danielle Miraglia is considered by many to be a blues artist. But, if her performance is what it means to have the blues, I’m throwing away my Prozac. There is a joy and humor which stitches their way throughout each song and story connected to it sewing a smile to each face and heart who are penetrated by he needling insights and wit. While the influence many great blues singers has on Ms. Miraglia’s compositions and performance styles can be speculated on, there is little doubt, if any of those legendary performer were to experience her talents, they would be inspired by her…” - Paul Smeltz – Live Review by The Forwardian Arts Society



Loretta Hagen

Loretta Hagen delivers rich alto vocals, polished award winning lyrics and tightly woven harmonies; the hallmark of her musical career. A 2011 winner of the NJ Folk Festival Songwriter Competition, Loretta recently released her third CD, Mud and Stone, debuting at number 10 on the Folk DJ Charts and number 5 on the RMR.



Tickets are $20 donation



Danielle Miraglia

Loretta Hagen






Danielle playing Staggerlee





Loretta sings Mud and Stone

March 29th
Mando Planet

Jack and Tim met back in 2006 at a Centrum mandolin workshop hosted by Mike Marshall in Port Townsend, WA.
The two connected immediately and began playing together in an on and off partnership that has led to tours of Alaska, CA, and Northwest, and now a debut CD, Mando Planet

Jack Dwyer is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and teacher based in Portland, OR. He teaches
mandolin, banjo, fiddle, and bluegrass guitar on the adjunct music faculty of Lewis and Clark College.
After a stint as mandolinist in the Blackberry Bushes Stringband. . In addition to his work with Tim, he performs solo,
in various acoustic projects around Portland, and as frontman for an electric alt-country rock band.

A graduate of the prestigious New England Conservatory of Music and a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist with over twenty-five years professional performing experience, Tim Connell is a rising star in the acoustic music scene, forging a sophisticated and worldly voice for the mandolin in his work with Mike Marshall,

Tickets are $20 donation

April 19th 2014

Villa Palagonia

featuring Allison Scolia & Joe Ravo

This presentation is a musical and dance journey through Italy with 2 multi-talented geniuses. Allison Scolia is a singer , dancer, piano and clarinet player who was born in the wrong era and place. She reminds me of a turn of the century (19th to 20th) Italian songstress of remarkable passion. She manages to work in impressive clarinet playing and will get you dancing.

Joe Ravo backs her up brilliantly on nylon string guitar. Joe has played on Broadway in many many shows and is on tthe faculty of Mannes School of music.

The evening promises to be an Italian musical tour de force

Tickets are $20 donation

May 31st 2014

Luke Halpin and Stephanie Bettman

Stephanie Bettman is at least a triple threat. An accomplished writer, singer, and fiddler: her lyrics are infused with wit and wisdom, poetry and insight.. Her fiddling, which combines elements of bluegrass and jazz, is filled with influences from such masters as Stephane Grappelli, Byron Berline and Johnny Gimble. A former actress and trapeze artist, Ms Bettman is at ease in front of an audience and creates intimacy with her crowd no matter the size.

Luke Halpin is a renowned multi-instrumentalist. A master of the guitar and the mandolin, impressive on fiddle, banjo, and adept at nearly anything he picks up. A dynamic and sensitive vocalist himself, the harmony blend he and Ms Bettman achieve is chilling and at times simply transcendent. His quirky sense of humor is a perfect foil to Stephanie’s dry witty presence.

As a duo, Bettman & Halpin are fast earning a reputation for hypnotizing performances filled with irresistible lyrics, transcendent harmonies and roof-raising instrumentals. Their music creates a fully acoustic, delightfully eclectic sound far greater than the sum of its parts: taking the listener from up-tempo down home fiddlin’, to soulful sorrowful ballads, to super hooky folk/pop with catchy melodies and lyrics that will stick with you long after the concert is over. They have been touring together since 2008


Tickets are $20 donation







Promo Video

Oct 25th

Ocean Celtic Orchestra

The OCEAN ORCHESTRA is Celtic Music for Ancient Moderns! A place where Scottish and Irish jigs meet a rock and roll rhythm section, and ancient ballads meet shimmering electronics... Genre-bending composer/bandleader Jennifer Cutting takes all that’s fun about pop music and blends it with all that’s timelessly beautiful about the Celtic tradition


They will be here in a modified form because of space limitations


Tickets are $20 donation





November 8th

Jeffery Scroggins and Colorado

I met Jeff last year at Nerfa and was impressed by him and his playing immediately. Last week he came to Kansas City where I was for Folk Alliance. He had brought his son and part of his band with him. His son is this amazing 18 y.o. mandolin player who also has a true love for what he is playing. The band no longer has a fiddle player and the bass player is now K.C. Groves formerly of Uncle Earl. Jeff has won dozens of banjo competitions and his son has won a few. This is one of the best bluegrass bands I have ever heard and am very proud to have them here. I may say "not to be missed" but in this case they will be headlining Joe Val soon.


Tickets are $20 donation




Nov 20th

Jim Kweskin and Happy Traum

These guys are living legends and I am absolutely crazy with joy they are coming


Tickets are $25 donation














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