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"Come for the food, stay for the music!"

They will be here in a modified form because of space limitations


Tickets are $20 donation


Sept 20th 2014

Danny Kalb from the Blues Project

Danny is bringing his brother Jonathan who last year was inducted into New York blues hall of fame

They will be filming a documentary film this evening


Kalb was a protégé of Dave Van Ronk, and became a solo performer, as well as a session musician with such folk singers as Judy Collins, Phil Ochs, Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan. Kalb and Sam Charters formed The New Strangers. He joined Van Ronk's Ragtime Jug Stompers. Inspired by the African American bluesmen Son House, Skip James and Mississippi John Hurt, Kalb experimented with acoustic and electronic music. In 1965 Kalb joined with Steve Katz and, Andy Kulberg, Roy Blumenfeld and Tommy Flanders to form The Blues Project. Later, when Flanders left the band, he was replaced by Al Kooper. They recorded three albums, played quite frequently at the Cafe Au Go Go and Murray the K's last "submarine race-watching" spectacular at the RKO 58th Street theater in New York, and had several concert tours. In 1965 The Blues Project performed an eleven minute rendition of Muddy Waters' "Two Trains Running" in electronic form with Waters in the audience. When asked what he thought of it, Waters said, "You really got me." Kalb later said, "If I'd dropped dead at that point on the spot because of what we thought of Muddy Waters, then my life would have been well spent."[1] Personalities, drugs and the 1960s lifestyle took their toll on the band.[2]Steve Katz and Al Kooper left to form Blood, Sweat and Tears.[3]


At the age of 15 Kalb formed the band Gay Notes, and 1961 performed with Bob Dylan on a WBAI-FM concert broadcast. In 1963 Kalb performed in Ragtime Jug Stompers with his mentor Dave Van Ronk. In 1964 he recorded as Folk Stringers produced by blues ethnomusicologist Sam Charters. In 1964 Kalb played second guitar on Phil Ochs' album All the News That's Fit to Sing and in 1964 appeared on Judy Collins' Fifth Album. From 1965 to 1971 he was with The Blues Project. In 1968 he released Crosscurrents with Stefan Grossman. He was fairly quiet for the next twenty years, but joined Al Kooper for a Blues Project reunion recording at the Bottom Line in 1996. He currently performs solo acoustic gigs, plays acoustic and electric with his Danny Kalb Trio, including Bob Jones on acoustic bass and Mark Ambrosino on drums; and he occasionally performs with Stefan Grossman and Steve Katz, as well as his brother Jonathan Kalb. The Danny Kalb Trio recorded I'm Gonna Live The Life I Sing About (Sojourn) in 2008, which received critical acclaim in the blues media. This was followed in 2013 by Kalb's first double-CD Moving in Blue, also on the Sojourn label, and featuring various sidemen and guests. With this album he parlays the full range of his musical interests and creativity.

As I learn more about Jonathan Kalb the more impressed I get. He was the musical director of the influencial New York group the Fugs. He recently got inducted to the Blues Hall of Fame. He played in the Steve Miller Band. Plus much more coming



Tickets are $20 donation









Jonathan Kalb

October 18th

To be announced


November 8th

Jeffery Scroggins and Colorado

I met Jeff last year at Nerfa and was impressed by him and his playing immediately. Last week he came to Kansas City where I was for Folk Alliance. He had brought his son and part of his band with him. His son is this amazing 18 y.o. mandolin player who also has a true love for what he is playing.and the bass player is now K.C. Groves formerly of Uncle Earl. Great vocals by the guitar player Greg Blake.Jeff has won dozens of banjo competitions and his son has won a few. This is one of the best bluegrass bands I have ever heard and am very proud to have them here. I may say "not to be missed" but in this case they will be headlining Joe Val soon.

He has entered many banjo compititions and won over 70 of them including Winfield.


Tickets are $20 donation




Nov 20th

Jim Kweskin and Happy Traum

These guys are living legends and I am absolutely crazy with joy they are coming


Tickets are $25 donation




March 28th

Ocean Celtic Orchestra

The OCEAN ORCHESTRA is Celtic Music for Ancient Moderns! A place where Scottish and Irish jigs meet a rock and roll rhythm section, and ancient ballads meet shimmering electronics... Genre-bending composer/bandleader Jennifer Cutting takes all that’s fun about pop music and blends it with all that’s timelessly beautiful about the Celtic tradition





April 18th

David Bennet Cohen formerly pianist

for Country Joe and the


David Bennett Cohen (born August 4, 1942), is an American musician best known as the original keyboardist for the late-1960s psychedelic rock and blues band Country Joe and the Fish. Cohen was born in Brooklyn, New York. He studied classical piano from the age of seven, and later learned to play guitar. When he was fourteen, he heard boogie-woogie piano for the first time, and from then on his playing was influenced by boogie-woogie, as well as piano blues. When he was young he attended live performances of Otis Spann, Professor Longhair, Meade Lux Lewis, Pete Seeger, Joshua Rifkin and Josh White, among others. In April 1961, he was one of the musicians involved in the "Beatnik Riot" in Washington Square Park, protesting against the authorities' refusal to allow musicians permits to play in the park. As a guitarist, who performed regularly in Greenwich Village, he started a folk group, the Lane County Bachelors, with Artie Traum . The band bought me a Farfisa organ and I started playing that. Of course, I had no idea of what to do with it, so I started to steal my own guitar licks. I would get these reviews saying what a unique style I had. The reality was that I had no idea what I was doing. Of course, eventually I did learn to play it.

He was a member of Country Joe and the Fish from December 1965 to January 1969, and played on their first two albums, Electric Music for the Mind and Body and I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die, as well as several tracks on their third album, Together] Record producer Sam Charters regarded him as "musically more experienced" than the other band members


Tickets are $20 donation









David teaches Boogie woogie piano


Video of Davids group The Former Members

The Former Members comprise core members of all three bands -- Bruce Barthol and David Bennet Cohen (Country Joe & The Fish), Roy Blumenfeld (The Blues Project) and Greg Douglass (Steve Miller Band)














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